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Can water damaged phones be repaired?

Did you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm and soak your phone or did you know how to get your phone started again? Don’t know how to deal with a wet cell phone? Or you are asking whether water damaged phones can be repaired or not. The answer is Yes, water-damaged phones can be repaired.

Most phones available in the market today have some amount of waterproofing. However, water seepage can still damage the phone, you may notice the phone not functioning properly even after the phone dries out. The good news is water-damaged phones can be repaired and you will not have to spend on buying a new phone.

When a phone gets wet or drops in water, the waterworks its way into the ports, jacks, and speakers of the phone. We all know water is a good conductor of electricity, when it flows into the circuits it carries a current with it which overloads the phone burning the circuit board.

Allowing the phone to dry on its own after it gets wet, will let the water settle in the phone causing corrosion of the circuits, coils and resistors.

The internet is full of suggestions like how to dry a water-damaged phone, how to use a mobile / laptop cleaning kit etc.

Under no circumstances try following the below-mentioned tricks and tips, they could cause further damage and loss.

Avoid doing any of the below to dry the wet phone:

  • Don’t press any buttons on the phone, pressing the buttons could push the water more into the circuits.
  • Don’t turn the phone immediately, wait for at least 24 hours before trying to put the phone back on.
  • Use a microwave to dry the water, it is dangerous and can cause a fire
  • Put the phone in a freezer
  • Use a hairdryer to dry the seeped water from the phone
  • Keep the phone near a radiator.
  • Put in a bag of rice as it is not very helpful. The amount of time wasted in keeping the phone in the rice bag will allow the water to settle inside the phone, causing corrosion.

If you wish to save your phone and want to get it back to working condition:

Follow the below-mentioned steps immediately after the phone is exposed to water:

  • Remove the phone immediately from the source of water
  • Turn off the phone immediately
  • Wipe the phone with a microfiber cloth, use gloves if required
  • Try to dry the phone as much as possible
  • If the battery is removable, remove the battery, SIM card, and any other attached accessories.
  • If the battery is not removable, keep the phone upright
  • Take the Damaged Phone to a Trusted Phone Repair Shop immediately

Just allowing the phone to dry off completely on its own is not an advisable idea. Water damage is not visible on the screen, the water causes damage inside the phone which is not visible outside.

If the phone won’t turn on even after trying to dry it, then you will need to see if the phone is still under warranty and send it to the manufacturer for repairs. Water damage repair is not covered under warranty and the repairs would be chargeable.

If the phone starts but has some glitches or is not performing properly, take the phone to an

experienced phone repair shop like GamerWarehouse Phone Repair.

The technicians will have the required knowledge and expertise to fix nearly any kind of malfunction in the device. They can repair the water-damaged phone and get it back to functioning again, saving you the expenses of buying a new phone.