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4 Clothing Design Software Every Professional Should Have

Not only did technology influence fashion with sales, but it has made designing easier. Using fashion software, designers can create clothes that they want to produce or model.

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As a fashion designer, you should be interested in digital fashion not only because it makes work easier but because the industry is advancing and people around the world are demanding higher productivity and quality designs.

To take your designs as a professional from 10 to 100, here are 4 clothing designs software to have.

1. Adobe Illustrator

The Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular software tools that is used for drawing, freehand sketching, tracing patterns to exchanging colors. Illustrator is one of the most used CAD programs in the industry. Also, the illustrator gives room for the designer to be creative in by introducing a photograph, while also using  it as a guide to outlining an object. Since it works efficiently well with vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator can be used to create designs for multiple items. It is also compatible with both Windows and macOS. You are also free to choose a desired plan. There is a monthly, and annual payment plan available.

2. CLO 3D

The Clo 3D app allows users to design garments and pattern making in 3D using different patterns and fabrics. It has a feature that can be implemented into a website for virtual fitting and it comes with free training also. Asides from that it has a 3D simulation and layers, grading, sewing and tracking, print layout, and more. It has a price range of $50 per month and $450 annually.

3. Sketchbook

The sketchbook is a vector graphics editor with a wide range of plugins and add-ons to assist fashion designers. It offers a perspective guide on the mobile, curved ruler, and natural drawing experience with over 140 standard brushes, four symmetry dimensions amongst others. To keep designers focused, distractions are minimized because of the type of interface, and also the palettes can be switched off and off easily. For this software, there also are different pricing available, depending on what you want.

4. CorelDraw

It is a vector graphics editor. It allows sketching, pattern making, and creating mannequins to hold designs. The CorelDraw is built-in a way that the workspace is reliable and adapts to the user workflow and increases productivity with the diverse tools and icons available to use.

There is a lot of clothing design software but they all differ slightly or a lot based on what they render and what you want as a designer. Without a doubt, with the software, your designs will be notable. As such, by choosing any of the software above, you could be sure that you are on the right track to creating magic as a clothing designer.