Net Design City

Thus, just like the name, Nowness is all a few movement for innovative excellence and telling compelling stories within the very second while celebrating the extraordinary of daily. Active Theory takes a daring approach with animation to display their portfolio, leveraging a dynamic website, water-effect animation, typography, and high-quality pictures. Their web site serves as a real wonderful example of portraying their portfolio in one other way with sensible navigation mechanics and visuals mixed with animation. The web site is a portfolio of Bruno Simon – a freelance creative developer in Paris. It revolves around a simple automobile recreation with a bird’s eye view and is a mixture of physics ideas, 3D visible art, commonplace technologies, and profound consideration to details.


Just because the name suggests, the website guarantees to deliver you the emblem you need in 48 hours. Over time they have expanded their service to include posters, flyers, labels, packaging, and digital designs. It began in 2019 when the concept of design crowdsourcing was nonetheless new. However, it has always been targeted on the speed of supply given its 48-hour mandate.