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Just as many workers discovered they could be as effective at their day-to-day jobs seated at home, many additionally found that business journey may not be as essential either—at least not in its historic form and frequency. That’s not to say that the desire to get back on the road for lots of isn’t there; it is. Nor that there aren’t distinct enterprise benefits that come from in-person conferences and conferences; there are. A 2020 joint study between Harvard Business Review Analytics Services and Egencia found that 60% of enterprise leaders felt in-person collaboration is essential to innovation and delivering new products and services for their organization. That stated, enterprise journey shall be wanting different in 2022 and past. First off, proven business journey use cases and ROI shall be paramount; secondly, smaller regional conferences might be on the rise; and thirdly, more workers might be empowered to say “no” to journey requests.