Improvement Companies Case Management

Our office is comprised mainly of Case Managers from the Department of Building and Safety, Department of City Planning, Department of Public Works Bureau of Engineering, Department of Transportation, and Department of Water and Power. Our services also embrace the participation of representatives from other City departments from the Construction Liaison Network. Each project is assigned a Case Manager representing each of these departments as needed. Case Managers work together as a staff to information a project to completion, each providing their expertise in one of the City’s major processes – permitting, entitlements, public improvements, and utility design. The Development Services staff is devoted to professional excellence and excellent customer support.

Is There A License Requirement For Building Contractor?

The Wireless Telecommunications Unit provides a one-stop, full-service heart for the wireless telecommunications industry. Dedicated staff evaluations proposals for the placement of wi-fi telecommunications facilities on public private property and makes recommendations for compliance with the City’s zoning and federally mandated regulations. For basic wireless telecommunications inquiries, please email For pre-application review and constructing allow clearances requests, submit requests through the online application portal under “Wireless Telecommunications Facilities”.