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In 1887, his staff placed animals on metallic plates and ran AC energy to electrocute them in West Orange, New York. Although Edison is accused of electrocuting an elephant to show the the AC system, he could not have been directly involved. An elephant who labored to entertain spectators on the Luna Park crushed to death a drunken man who hurt her in 1902. Other incidents have been recorded whereby the elephant was supposed to have acted dangerously, which sparked the transfer to kill her. These incidents could have been caused by unscrupulous park owners and an irresponsible handler.

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Protons never move round a strong object as a result of they are so heavy, a minimal of in comparability with the electrons. A materials that lets electrons transfer around is known as a conductor. A material that retains each electron tightly in place is identified as an insulator. Examples of conductors are copper, aluminum, silver, and gold. Examples of insulators are rubber, plastic, and wooden.