Advances In Wearable Technology And Its Medical Applications

Pannurat, Thiemjarus, & Nantajeewarawat offered a technique to detect a fall at totally different phases utilizing a wireless accelerometer and classification algorithms. Their analysis outcomes showed an 86% and 91% fall pre-impact and post-impact detection. Hsieh, Liu, Huang, Chu, & Chan developed a novel hierarchical fall detection system utilizing accelerometer devices on the waist. The outcomes showed that the system achieved a excessive accuracy at 99% in figuring out fall occasions. Similarly, Gibson, Amira, Ramzan, Casaseca-de-la-Higuera, & Pervez presented a fall detection system using a database of fall and every day actions.

Digital Reality In Healthcare

Now, what’s completely different about these WORM disks that aren’t supported by different forms of healthcare data storage devices? It will protect the patient’s personal data or other medical essential data in a non-erasable, non-rewrite-able, and unchangeable compliance-ready syntax. Dr. Abtin Rad has thirteen years of professional experience as a Biomedical and electrical Engineer with concentrate on Software, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, in addition to medical Imaging and Therapy utilizing Ultrasound and optical laser systems. Rad is a Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Specialist for medical units and medical software program, in addition to a Lead Auditor for ISO 13485, ISO 9001, MDSAP and MDD/MDR. Another important question concerns the duty and accountability of synthetic intelligence. Medical errors made by human docs can generally be traced again to the people, who may be held accountable if needed.